Preparing for lightbody activation begins with awakening. In this 6 week course, you will awaken the light and lifeforce energy within your lightbody. Your spiritual fire; the radiant energy within you, is ignited as you awaken. Awakening also includes purifying our minds, bodies and energy fields so that we en-joy our experience here on earth more and suffer less. In this 6 week initiation, we choose to consciously awaken to our true nature as master beings of love and light together. We will awaken the cells of our bodies by bringing light and love into every fiber of our bodies and minds.

As you clear, strengthen and activate your lightbody – the energetic field that surrounds your body and every one of your cells – you clear, strengthen and activate your connection to spirit and your intuition. This course provides you with the tools and habits to create solid daily meditation and energy healing practices that support the activation of your lightbody.






Week 1

12 – 20 hours

Prerequisite: None
  • Establish a weekly healing space & schedule.
  • Create an intuitive healing journal & create an altar.
  • Begin and cultivate space for daily healing practice.

Chakra Healing 

Week 2

12 hours

Prerequisite: Preparation

Work in meditation with your first 7 chakras to begin the process of opening and clearing your energetic and spiritual centers. 

An introduction to the Tantric Sutras and what they teach us about the divinity within our bodies & the origins of Chakra Healing.

Violet Flame 

Week 3

12 hours

Prerequisite: Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing Activation & Attunement: Muladhara

Week 4

12 hours

Prerequisite: Lightbody Activation Preparation

Spiritual Relationships 

7 weeks

Competency III: Indigenous Spiritual Healing: Prehistoric & Ancient Civilizations 

Competency IV: Indigenous Spiritual Healing: Modern Healers

Competency IX: Spiritual Relationships

Integrative Spiritual Therapy I 

8 weeks

Competency X: Energetic Body Systems & Healing 

Competency XI: Integrative Spiritual Therapy