Welcome to the first portal! Your crystalline lightbody is one with the lightbody of the cosmos and one with the lightbody of Mother Earth. In this portal you will learn about the crystalline lightbody and begin your practice working with this powerful healing energy as you prepare to embark on your journey as a Master Being of Love and Light!  Before you begin, you must schedule your first Student Success Orientation

After you complete the orientation, there are 7 objectives in this portal:

1. Create your Altar. 

2. Create an Intuitive Healing Journal. There are 40 weeks in the healing portion of this program. You will create one page every week in your Intuitive Healing Journal to record your intentions and reflections on your experiences within the healing. Allow your creative mind to play within this journal. You can draw your intentions and experiences, you can paint them, you can express yourself on each page. Today, label your first page with I. Write or draw out your intention for healing.

3. Create a binder for this program. Print the syllabus and put it in the binder.

. Introduce yourself and share a picture of your altar in our Discussion Group!

5. Explore & Download our Program Books.

6. Prepare for the DNA Activation & Attunement Process & print your healing calendar. Follow the healing schedule for WEEK 1 using the audio above.

7. After you have completed your preparation, please complete your reflection. The reflection is required to complete this portal. Complete your Reflection!